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Delacroix introduces us with an awesome, dorky, rap:

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After a planned jam session in a park in Northbridge, these little raptors had to go find snacks. And cider. Accidentally as much cider as our heads. One little raptor went home like a good girl, but the other two raptors went adventuring. We bumped into a new friend who was busking to get enough money to go to a gig. So we "helped" him out by crooning out some of our more polished songs, and he and his little friends jammed along. It felt like a really positive accidental busking experience, sharing songs and sharing our portable percussion instruments around. And people started coming up and joining in! Which was nice.

Our little friends had to leave, so we went to the Elephant and Wheelbarrow, and played our ukuleles for a while. Our tunes were interspersed with talking to strangers (demanding that strangers then show us their party tricks in exchange). We saw a guy benchpress one of his friends! Some guy did a Michael Jackson impression! Another guy said he once had a trick that he could do, but he's now forgotten how to do it and anyway he didn't have a deck of cards with him! Well, ok! (also, some guy was on the phone, saying he didn't want to talk to girls who had boyfriends, because he didn't want to break up any relationships. Good for his morals!)

All in all, a very successful day and night for Raptor Mishap, despite the inkling of some hangovers. We now have a stick-scritch-hit percussion thing, and a tambourine! And some guy told us we should make a Facebook page, so we did! It's right here! Click click!

So many exclamation marks!
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I knew there had to be an easier way to play Abm than the way I was playing it! Thank you, ezFolk.com for making my transitioning from B to Abm much much much easier (one finger different instead of finger torture!).

Guys, ezFolk.com is awesome for finding alternate ways to play ukulele chords. Suddenly I can play a whole bunch of songs!
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A big day for 2/3rds of Raptor Mishap (we pour out cider on the kerb for Delacroix, who had more pressing engagements)! We bought some new ukuleles, accidentally, that you can plug in and make louder using the wonders of electricity. And then we accidentally bought an amp! And then we stopped for a while, after all the excitement, and ate gnocchi. And then we had band practice, and we got so terribly excited about it all that we put up a demo version of 'Talking to Strangers'. For you! You can listen to it here! (If you want to.)


Jun. 3rd, 2010 11:15 pm
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Dear internets,

Ukuleles are way rad. Raptor Mishap plays ukuleles at every opportunity. Do you play an instrument? Maybe you should!

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